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James Norrington is the ex-fiancee of Elizabeth Swann and husband of Amelia Sparrow

By the time for Davy Jones to set foot on land again, James had already married Jones' niece, Mia Norrington and they had a daughter named Alexis "Allie" Norrington


Amelia Jones[]

James gets along rather well with Mia and respects her because she is a woman who can take care of herself. Mia thought that Norrington was treacherous once by putting her brother, Jack Sparrow in prison for saving Elizabeth's life. He is also the only one to call her "Amelia", while Mia behests him to call her by her nickname. Amelia becomes James' wife during ''At World's End'', where he confesses his love for her and only went for Elizabeth because that was what his duty was telling him. He claims their destinies were always entwined.


James has a daughter named Alexis at the end of At World's End. He loves her dearly and nicknames her "Allie".

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